You wish to let your cat make the most of what we have on offer, here’s how:

  1. On this page, click on the dates you wish to book for your cat, and complete the booking form.
  2. Once we have checked the availability for your chosen dates, you will receive an email with a link to provide us with all the details we need to prepare for your cat's arrival. Please note that for any bookings a 30% deposit will be required, as well as a copy of your cat's immunisation records and the contact details of a person to contact in case of emergency (please use this form).
  3. A few days before your booked dates, we will send you another email with a summary of your chosen options, a reminder of what your need to bring with your cat, as well as how to check your cat in with us.
  4. On your arrival day, you bring your cat, along with its vaccination records and your payment.
  5. If you have selected the option of keeping tabs (no pun intended!) on your cat through our secure webcams, we will give you the access codes and the link to view the live webcam of your cat. You will need to download an app on your tablet or mobile phone. We will give you full instructions when you come.
  6. You can then leave with peace of mind, knowing that your cat will receive all the love and attention it deserves.
  7. When your stay is over, you collect your happy and well-rested cat from us.

Calypso Pension Chats Vendée European shorthair portrait

Calypso Pension Chats Vendée Ginger